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Development specialist:
Position function: fabric accessories development garment / Textile / leather craft Division
Operating duty
1 is responsible for the collection and analysis of market research, understand the development direction, cloth characteristics, trends, such as professional and technical materials
2 participate in product structure design
3 responsible for the design and development of cloth (including style, fabric, color, fashion trends, professional technology)
4 to complete the company issued the development indicators and progress, the organization will sample
5 assist the plant production cycle and follow up the plant quality
Job requirements:
1 engaged in product design or procurement development work for more than one year
2 have strong design ability, sensitive to color, have a keen insight into fashion
3 understanding of outdoor products and related materials, familiar with product proofing development process, familiar with fabric knowledge
4 work carefully, strong sense of understanding, have a high degree of responsibility, can work under pressure, need to have the ability to innovate;
5 able to master the basic drawing software.
6 if at the same time with the development experience of luggage is a plus.
GODOWN keeper
Job functions: responsible for the orderly management of warehouse goods, import and export goods strictly in accordance with the procedures of the company
Job requirements:
1, under 40 years of age
2, doing things carefully, good health, hard-working, with dedication
3 working experience is preferred.
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